Grinding is one of the oldest manufacturing and processing technologies. As a high rotating tool speed is a part of many abrasive processes, the risk to the user from grinding and abrasive cutting must never be overlooked.

In close co-operation with the European Association of Abrasives Manufacturers (FEPA),
oSa shall pursue the purpose of supporting the current achieved safe grinding tools,
safety regulations and guidelines as well as safety recommendations and of supporting
their further development.

EHWA DIAMOND became the first member of oSa from Korea by successfully completing oSa
inspection of the manufacturing equipments and test technigues, appraisal of the
manufacturers ability, and examination of reputable testing institutes.

The most important requirements in preventing accidents with abrasives are safe products,
proper operation and adherence to accident prevention steps.

Internal testing and certification is based on safety regulation EN 13236:2001 (Safety
requirements for superabrasives). Thus the oSa label on abrasive products signifies
a high degree of application safety for the end user. As a member of oSa, EHWA DIAMOND
demonstrates our concern for safety by providing well designed, safe products consistent
with safety regulations.