EHWA industrial superabrasive tools have been offering superior quality and customer value in a wide variety of modern industries, ranging from classic small shops to high tech industrial sectors like the semiconductor industry.

In each workplace worldwide, EHWA industrial tools are world-renowned not only for reliable quality and delivery. but also for supplying engineered and customized products at very competitive prices.

Generally, the bond materials categorize industrial superabrasive tools: resin bond, metal bond and vitrified bond. EHWA resin bond wheels are mostly used for grinding tungsten carbides, ceramic, HSS, and many other hard materials.
EHWA metal bond wheels are widely applicable to grinding CRT, glass and optics, automobile safety glass. EHWA vitrified bond wheels are used for camshaft grinding, bearing internal grinding, PCD / PCBN insert grinding, etc.

EHWA also provides PCD / PCBN tools as cutting or turning tools, and several types of dressers and roller (rotary) dressers as dressing tools. Lately, EHWA high precision tools have been playing a crucial role in semiconductor-related applications, such as CMP pad conditioners, dicing & micro blades, back grinding wheels, and silicon wafer edge grinding wheels.

Additionally, EHWA is manufacturing electroplated tools used for grinding such work-pieces as non-ferrous metals, hardened steels, FRP, ceramics, and composite materials.